Bridge Terrace Okura

・From a deserted spot to a place for gathering: Bridge Terrace Okura

BBQ&Co got its start by taking on the operation of the BBQ spot at the Okura shore in Akashi, which had not been functioning as a public facility. Based on experience running hotels and restaurants, we rethought the BBQ spot from a user's perspective. Despite the beautiful view of the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge, the area at the time was full of negative elements. By changing our perspective, we made these into positives. Lights made night use possible. Roofing took care of the rain problem. Instead of banning bring-your-own foods, we offered that as an option along with a set menu. By creating an environment where locals could enjoy BBQ casually, we grew the facility into one with 10 times the users after 10 years.


・All-weather Mori-to Rill-no-BBQ Field

From 2014, we have been involved with operations at Hotel Lodge Maishima, installing a large-scale, 500-seat outdoor BBQ site where there had been an outdoor cooking facility. This involved not only new installation but also development of the woods to pursue creation of the beautiful natural landscape that is a pleasure of the BBQ experience. Additional services that let people come as they are, roofed facilities for enjoying BBQ in heat, rain, or any weather, and convenient 20-minute proximity to Osaka by car have brought in 30,000 users in the first year. The spot became known as a place where people could enjoy the unordinary with a focus on BBQ, and, after the meal, stay in a hotel or log house, get refreshed in a large bath, or take part in seasonal events.


・Takeout shop TTT, incorporating BBQ elements

Our takeout shop aims to incorporate not only the unique smoky taste of BBQ, but to achieve the accelerated communication that arises through outdoor dining. We erected a takeout-oriented cafe at a space just inside Akashi Park, where vending machines had stood. We developed a menu for enjoying portable BBQ, due to the difficulty of cooking with fire in the park. Centered on BBQ favorites such as steak and sausage on the bone, our service offers the experience of a BBQ in a cafe setting in the park. TTT has become the face of Akashi Park and a place where local residents can relax.


・Achieving flexible development by working with the municipal government: ZAZAZA

About nine years after our involvement with Bridge Terrace Okura, customer numbers had grown about 10-fold from the first year. Renewal was considered to deal with overcapacity. However, due to the 3-year contract with the city and other constraints, renewal of facilities in line with investment was determined to be too difficult. This led us to call on government to revise rules and allow contract lengths of 10 years, based on the freedom given to private companies by Osaka as in the Maishima development. An open, distinctive 3-story building was completed that would quickly become the face of the area, allowing for 1.5 times the number of seats in comparison to flat land, and offering a new approach to winter BBQ through indoor space.


・Turning a winery into a gathering place for families: KOBE WEST

This BBQ facility, next to Kobe Winery and holding over 1,000 seats, was a spot forgotten by the residents of Kobe. With the adjacent Japan Agriculture facilities showing life, we determined that the spot had potential due to its vineyard scenery and open, high-ground location. As a result of analysis suggesting that people would gather depending on the concept, we renewed the spot as a facility combining agriculture and BBQ. We made meat, seafood, vegetables, and other local goods the focus, and added development of products such as pickles made from vegetables picked that morning. We built spaces such as bonfire zones for families to spend leisurely time at night, with the aim of creating a space for enjoying BBQ from a new perspective.

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